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Welcome to the Ragdoll Rescue website!

The purpose of this website is to help to keep Ragdolls out of shelters...and to find homes for those who are in shelters or rescues.

Please check out the INFORMATION page. There are many links to useful information. If you have a link that you think is great, and it's not on this page, please send it to me!:) This page is helpful before you do your search for a kitty, and after, if you run into problems.

 If a kitty is listed as a Ragdoll, with no other breed listed, please ensure that this kitty IS a registered Ragdoll. All too many rescues and shelters list cats as purebreds, to get them adopted quicker. While this is a great idea (the getting them adopted quicker part!!:)), there needs to be some legitamacy to their claims of "purebred". Also, please ensure that the kitty you are interested in is "fully Vetted" ...and ask WHAT IS INCLUDED in that claim. You should be getting a kitty that is Feline Aids/ Feline Leukemia (FIV/FeLV) tested and negative, fully vaccinated, wormed at least once with Drontal (kills most of the "common" worms) and flea free (hopefully treated with a flea preventative). It's very honorable to rescue a kitty, but please ensure that you don't get one that will cost far more than you've bargained for!




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